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At G2Z Law Group, we focus our practice on specific aspects of Health Law.  We counsel our clients on regulatory aspects of Provider Health Law, represent providers in licensing, certification or credentialing matters and draft and prosecute patent and trademark applications for clients in the fields of biotechnology, medical devices, medical diagnostics, and bio-devices.

Health Law is a broad and dynamic field of law which ultimately affects every provider of healthcare service.  One way or another, Health Law applies to Individual Providers, such as physicians, pharmacists, nurses or dentists, and Institutional Providers, such as hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, assisted living facilities, laboratories, home health agencies, nursing homes or healthcare technology companies.  The subset of Health Law which involves provider issues is generally referred to as Provider Health Law.

Understanding and navigating the complex aspects of Health Law is important because the rules and regulations may simultaneously affect different aspects of providers’ practices and non-compliance may result in harsh penalties and liabilities.  Therefore, to reduce risk of liability, providers must take action to comply with the rules.

At G2Z Law Group, we counsel clients in different aspects of Provider Health Law, including, state and federal fraud and abuse statutes (e.g., Stark and Antikickback statutes), privacy laws, licensing or certification of providers, relations with insurers and reimbursement, and accreditation.  A comprehensive list of our services is disclosed here.  We also collaborate with other attorneys with respect to application of health laws and regulations in real estate, corporate, contracts, employment, and tax law matters.  Furthermore, we represent and defend providers in disciplinary matters before licensing boards of the District of Columbia, and certification boards, and we assist providers in matters relating to their credentialing.

Health Law also encompasses other fields of law, such as FDA regulatory law, or patent law as applies to the field of life sciences.  At G2Z Law Group, our patent attorneys provide legal advice in the fields of biotechnology, medical devices, medical diagnostics, bioinformatics, and bio-devices.  We assist healthcare providers to protect their intellectual property by counseling them on intellectual property laws and filing and prosecuting domestic and international patent applications.  We also assist our clients in negotiating and drafting intellectual property licensing and purchase/sale agreements and determining freedom to operate or patentability of their ideas and inventions.



We Help Bridge The Gap Between Practice Of Medicine And Health Law For Our Clients

The healthcare business is regulated by a plethora of rules and regulations, some or most of which constantly evolve.  In addition to providing quality healthcare services and products, competing in the market for capturing patients, and toiling for reimbursement from third party payers, healthcare providers must navigate through the complex rules and regulations governing the healthcare practice.    

To better serve our clients in the multifaceted healthcare industry, our attorneys emphasize prevention of legal and/or regulatory pitfalls by ensuring that providers are educated and compliant with the required rules and regulations. Successful providers effectively and efficiently monitor and manage their responsibilities under the applicable State and Federal healthcare rules and regulations.

We Make Health Law Manageable For Your Practice